I'm Checco!CheckoutSpy.co.uk is a price comparison site, providing unique features, reviews and other information alongside our primary service which enables any user to search, find and compare specifications and prices for an unimaginable range of products from thousands of merchants.

We provide weekly features about the hottest trends, most sought after products and latest gadgets. We also produce email newsletters and special offers tailored toward the specific product areas that a user may specify on registration.

During the course of this year CheckoutSpy.co.uk will be developed to include new features such as ‘price drop’ notifications, ‘new product alerts’ and ‘personalised search’. We also aim to increase the number of products listed in our database, allowing brands to directly list their products on our site.

Our listings are derived through a number of sources, some owned and operated, others external – like partnerships with leading shopping comparison providers. We consolidate all this data using proprietary algorithms to provide the best, most relevant and involving experience to our growing user-base.

CheckoutSpy.co.uk is owned and operated by a specialist company offering cutting edge solutions for organisations, brands and charities seeking to diversify and grow revenues online.

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Update – 17th July 2012

Given feedback from our users and requests from businesses in other markets, CheckoutSpy is expanding and going global. Normal business will resume, although you may notice a few changes to the site as we upgrade our systems in preparation. Stay tuned for some exciting new products, improved relevance and even more money saving opportunities.

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