Needles? Check.

Wool? Check.

Surely they are the only two things that a knitter needs? Whilst that is true, there are five tools which the CheckoutSpy team believe that every knitter should have at their disposal.

1. Row Counter

Row counters are an essential part of any knitter’s tool kit. They come in a range of sizes to fit all needles, and the cheapest cost just a couple of pounds. They help knitters keep track or what rows they have completed in a pattern – an absolute must if the pattern is complicated or lacy.

2. Tape Measure

Tape measures are useful for gauge swatches to ensure you are getting the right stitches per inch. Many patterns will also state “knit until the garment measures x cm long” therefore the knitter needs some sort of measure so their garment ends up being long enough.

3. Knitting Bag

Knitting bags are great for ensuring each work-in-progress is kept separate from each other, and that each project has all the right tools for the job. They also allow projects to be easily portable; In a hurry? Just grab a bag and know that all the bits you need are in there! There are some beautiful commercial knitting bags available, but it is also worth looking on places such as Etsy to find bespoke knitting bags in a range of styles and materials.

4. Stitchmarkers

Stitchmarkers are different for knitting and crochet. With knitting, the stitchmarker is a loop placed on the needle and should be snag free to stop it catching on either the needles or your knitting. With crochet, you place it on the crochet piece itself by opening and closing the ring. For knitting, small rubber bands can be used as stitchmarkers. However there many, many beautiful stitchmarkers out there to suit all tastes if you would prefer something more beautiful on your needles. Just remember to pick stitchmarkers that will fit your needle size.

5. Pom-pom maker

OK, so this one isn’t a must; it’s a nice to have. You’ve just finished a scarf or a hat and you need to jazz it up. What do you do? Pom poms of course! Easy to make, pom poms are great for when you don’t want to knit but you still want to do something crafty. And if you are bored of regular, spherical pom poms there are other shapes available now such as hearts.

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