keeping goldfish in a pond

Altough when you think of keeping goldfish, most people would think of an indoor tank, it is possible to keep goldfish quite happily outdoorsin your garden. However you cannot just pop the goldfish into your pond and expect them to survive!

Fish keeping at it’s most basic means giving the fish clean water and the right sorts of food. However many fish also require the water they live in to be at particular temperatures. Generally this means you need to ensure the water in your outdoor pond does not get too cold and this means that smaller fish should be brought inside if the weather turns colder. You may also want to buy a pond heater so that in very cold weather, your pond doesn’t fully freeze and ensures that gaseous exchange continues.


A pond filter is also a good investment, regardless of the types of fish you keep, as this will help ensure the water in the pond remains of high quality.

If you need to top your pond up with water it is better to do this with rain water rather than tap water. This means planning ahead and collecting the rain water in advance – if your pond needs topping up it probably means the weather is quite warm so it may not rain for a while! The easiest solution is a water butt which can collect rain run off from gutters and needs minimal input or maintenance from you.


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