Although your dog’s coat will help protect him from the cold, sometimes a little extra help is required. There are plenty of accessories on the market to help ensure that your dog stays nice and toasty during even the coldest of weather.

The first, and most popular option, is the dog coat or dog sweater. These come in a range of sizes, colours and materials. Dog coats can be worn alone or in combination with other items. They can also be worn indoors when your dog needs a little extra warmth.

Paw protector salves are fantastic. Often fortified with vitamins, these creams create a barrier between the paws and the surface they are walking on helping to protect their paws from snow, ice or whatever else is on the pavement.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your pet will hurt their paws. There are plenty of good paw healers on the market. Look for ones which are fortified with vitamins to aid healing. Some of these healing creams can also be used daily to moisturise your dog’s skin.

Still concerned about your pet’s paws? Rubber dog boots could be the answer. Reusable waterproof boots help to keep your dog’s paws protected against rain, snow and ice. However they won’t help to keep your pet’s paws warm – if you think your dog needs the extra warmth, opt for a pair of dog socks as well.

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