There are hundreds of thousands of toys on the market each promising to help develop your baby’s skills in certain areas. So which ones really are the best? Quite often, it’s the simple toys that are the best. Here CheckoutSpy has put together our Top Five educational toys for your baby’s first year.

1. Blocks
Blocks are an old favourite. They help your baby to develop both gross motor and fine motor skills. As your baby grows, the blocks can also help with imaginative play and improve problem solving and simple maths.

2. Stacking and Nesting Toys
There are lots of different stacking and nesting cups on the market. Similar to blocks, stacking cups will help with both fine motor and gross motor skills.

3. Baby Books
Baby books are a great way for you to bond with your child and will encourage a life-long book love. Even though your baby cannot read, by sitting and reading with them you are improving their cognitive development, memory skills and communication skills. Hard-wearing books such as board books will stand up to chewing and will help improve your child’s motor skills as they turn the pages.

4. Musical Instruments
Anything which makes a noise – from rattles to chimes – are great for sensory development. You don’t even need to buy specific toys – try adding rice to a firmly sealed pot for an instant rattle, or use a wooden spoon and a pan for a drum. By creating noise through instruments your baby will learn about cause and effect too.

5. Mirrors
A mirror will encourage facial recognition, visual focus and social skills. It is best to use a baby mirror as these will be baby safe. A mirror will provide hours of entertainment for your little one – in part because their reflection will always show them attention when they look into the mirror!

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