If you are looking to create an exciting Easter egg hunt this year, CheckoutSpy has five great hunt ideas!

1. Photo Clues
Take photos of where the eggs are hidden. You can change the difficulty of the hunt according to the children’s ages – for example older children can be given more abstract photos such as an extreme close-up photo.

2. Treasure Map
Create a treasure map showing where the eggs are hidden. Use tea to stain the map to give it an ‘old’ feel. The map can be as realistic or imaginative as you want. Your children can be involved too – create the map with their help a couple of days in advance. When they are asleep, hide the eggs and mark the locations on the map.

3. Practice Maths
Turn your Easter egg hunt into an educational activity by incorporating a little maths. Use multiple choice questions to give clues as to where eggs are hidden. For example:
Q. What is 163-64?
a) 99 – by the back door
b) 101 – behind the plant pot by the front door
c) 97 – in the green toy box

4. Clue Trail
Instead of hiding multiple Easter Eggs, have one large prize which is awarded at the end of the hunt. The hunt should start with one clue, which leads to another clue, which leads to another, and so on until the egg is found. How difficult the clues are will depend on the age of the children playing.

5. Easter Egg Bath Hunt
This is a great idea for younger children. Fill a bath with warm water and add some food colouring (make sure that the colouring won’t stain the bath or child – most food colouring should be OK). Add in some plastic easter eggs. Add some other plastic toys. Fill the bath with either shaving foam, bubbles or plastic strips so that the plastic toys and eggs are hidden. Have your child climb in the bath and give them a plastic bucket to put the eggs in when they find them.

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