If you have a green-fingered loved one, buying Christmas gifts couldn’t be easier, as there are lots of useful and thoughtful products and accessories they will love to receive. Don’t worry if you haven’t the faintest idea about gardening yourself. We’ve compiled a list of most popular gardening gifts to help you.

1. Garden Kneeler: The keen gardener spends an awful lot of time kneeling to weed; plant and tend to the flower beds. Even young gardeners will experience occasional discomfort when spending periods of time kneeling to dig around in the earth. A garden kneeler makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. A good garden kneeler should be comfortable of course, but also lightweight and foldable for easy storage in the shed. If your gardener is a little older, consider a kneeler with hand rails, which support the user in getting up and down.

2. Plant Wizard: The Plant Wizard is an absolute must for the keen gardener, and for any gardener with a variety of plant types. This wonderful gadget tells you about the quality of your soil in terms of moisture and acidity levels, and even tells you about the amount of light in your chosen spot. Absolutely invaluable to assist your garden-lover to find the perfect spot for the acidic, shade loving rhododendron; or the sunniest spot in the garden for the tomato plant.

3. Folding Wheelbarrow: We all appreciate the labour saving uses of a wheelbarrow, however the huge metal type may seem a little cumbersome or unnecessary for a smaller garden. Consider instead a folding wheelbarrow, which is a fantastic gift for any gardener. Folding wheelbarrows have all the usual benefits of a traditional wheelbarrow and are perfect for transporting volumes of garden materials. Additionally the folding wheelbarrow can be laid flat on the grass so that leaves and garden rubbish can be easily raked into the barrow; invaluable for collecting all the winter branches and dead leaves around at Christmas time. Of course the main feature of the folding wheelbarrow is that it takes up almost no space!

4. Animal Water Chaser: Perfect to deter foxes and badgers from digging through the plants and over-spilling the bin, the Animal Water Chaser is a cost-effective and most importantly humane way to deter unwanted garden visitors.

5. Heated Gloves: A truly welcome and thoughtful gift for the all weather gardener, particularly suitable as a Christmas gift. Also extremely beneficial for older gardeners who may struggle with manual mobility. Heated gloves help make gardening a little more comfortable.

6. Wooden Composter: The perfect Christmas gift for the ethical gardener, a wooden composter allows you to recycle household waste into valuable compost to encourage growth in your garden. Made from wood that is sustainably sourced, a wooden composter is an aid to reducing your carbon footprint due to the recycling of kitchen waste.

Whatever gift you choose for your green-fingered loved one, we’re sure they will be really happy to receive any of these lovely Christmas gifts for gardeners

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