buy first aid kits onlineIf you become unfortunate enough to break down or are involved in a car accident, a car emergency kit is a great thing to have in your car. You should always try and carry an emergency kit with you as it will have the essentials you may need if you have to wait around for help.

The great thing is that it is cheap and easy to build your own emergency car kit and many of the things you need you may already have. Good things to have in your kit are:

During the summer, you may also want to add the following to your emergency car kit:

During the winter months, you may want to add the following items to your emergency car kit:

It is also worth having some sort of mobile phone charger in the car. You should also ensure that you always carry names and telephone numbers of important contacts in case of emergency – for example the number of your breakdown recovery service (remember to also write down your membership number too), and the telephone number of people you would want to contact in case of an accident.

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