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Do you want perfectly kissable lips for this Valentine’s Day? CheckoutSpy is here to help – just follow our four easy steps to get luscious lips.

1. Exfoliate your lips
There are plenty of lip exfoliators on the market. By exfoliating your lips you are ensuring that your lips are smooth with no dry skin. Exfoliating the lips helps to bring blood to the surface and this will naturally help them plump up.

2. Moisturise your lips
It is important to moisturise your lips to help stop dry skin and to ensure a perfectly smooth base for your lip colour. Exfoliation tends to dry the lips out too so moisturiser helps redress this balance.

3. Lip-liners
After you have moisturised your lips, wait for a few minutes before applying any make-up to ensure the moisturiser has been fully absorbed. Lip liners are great because they help ensure that your lipstick won’t bleed and they can help to define your lips. If applied in the right way, they can also help your lips to look fuller.

4. Lip colour
The last step is to apply some colour to your lips. It is important to choose the right shade of lip colour for your skin tone and for the occasion. If you have a warm skin tone, lip colours that would suit you are oranges, brick-red, warm browns, nude, bronze, gold, caramels and coral colours. If you have a cool skin tone, lip colours that would suit you are any lip colour that has a pinky shade to it; avoid orange toned lip colour. Everyone can wear lip colours that are in wine shades, peach or poppy red.

Lastly, you may want to apply some lip gloss. Try putting the lip gloss onto the back of your hand (to avoid tainting the gloss with your lip colour) and then applying it to the middle of your lips to help your lips look fuller.

If you need some more hints and tips on making your lips look amazing, here are the top-rated lip products on CheckoutSpy. If you need more guidance as to how to apply your lip products, we recommend these books on beauty and make-up.

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